Teksmark Joburg is a KKNK project, supported by NATi and the Foxwood theatre.
Presented in collaboration with the Baxter Theatre Centre, Suidoosterfees, Innibos, Vrystaat Arts Festival, Momentum Beleggings Aardklop and the Toyota US Woordfees.

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Friday 3 November 10:00

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Saturday 4 November 10:00

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Saturday 4 November 14:00

What is Teksmark Joburg?

The aim of this project is to develop new South African drama scripts while offering playwrights the opportunity to pitch their script ideas to interested parties in the theatre industry for possible further development.

Who may participate?

All writers, whether emerging or established, are invited to take part.

How does Teksmark Joburg work?

Proposals are presented as play readings at Teksmark Joburg. Representatives from theatres and festivals, producers and other possible investors are invited to attend Teksmark Joburg.

During Teksmark Joburg, playwrights can discuss their script ideas. The market is open for any of the interested parties to negotiate with playwrights about the possible investment in, and further development of scripts.

Due to the limited time slots available, a panel selects a certain number of scripts. Directors and actors are contracted in conjunction with the playwright to perform the extracts.

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KKNK 2023. Alle regte voorbehou.

Sessie / Session 1

Vrydag / Friday
3 November 10:00

Teksmark Joburg 2023 Sessie 1 RSVP

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Sessie / Session 2

Saterdag / Saturday
4 November 10:00

Teksmark Joburg 2023 Sessie 2 RSVP

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Sessie / Session 3

Saterdag / Saturday
4 November 14:00

Teksmark Joburg 2023 Sessie 3 RSVP

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